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Amantadine inhibits nmda-receptors in the neurons of the substantia nigra reduces the intake of these ca2 , which reduces the possibility of destruction of these neurons.

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I you a taking th xtndd-las tablts, an mpty tablt shll may appa in you stool. This ct is hamlss bcaus you body has alady absobd th mdication.

Amantadin adds tth sdating cts alcohol and oth sdating dugs such as bnzodiazpins, ticyclic antidpssants, dicyclomin, ctain antihistamins, opiat agonists and ctain antihyptnsiv mdications. Such combinations can caus dizzinss, conusion, light haddnss, ainting.

Th mchanism its antipakinsonic ct is not ully undstood, but it appas tb lasing dopamin om th nv ndings th bain clls, togth with stimulation nopinphin spons. It alshas NMDA cptantagonistic cts. Th antivial mchanism sms tb unlatd. Th dug ints with a vial potin, M2 (an ion channl), which is ndd th vial paticl tbcom “uncoatd” onc it is takn insid th cll by ndocytosis.

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the amantadine-treated patients experienced a significantly more rapid resolution of clinical signs and symptoms when compared with placebo-treated patients.

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